Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Hummingbird of a Gift

My mom (aka Nana) loves hummingbirds as does my mother in law (aka Mamaw). Fisher was at Mamaws and saw a beautiful fluted glass with an etching of a hummingbird and flowers. He instantly thought of Nana and said we needed to give it to her. It took a little convincing that we couldn't take Mamaw's glass and give it to Nana, but we could make our own. So off to the craft store we went. When Fisher saw the glass candle holder he was determined that it was the right one. This time I had to be convinced and I do believe he made the right choice.

I used Make the Cut to create the image. I cut it out of vinyl, adhered it to the glass, and used an etching creme. 

I wanted to make a card to go with the gift so I went in search of another hummingbird that I could create into layers. Here is the final image in MTC and the card. I wasn't too pleased with how my Cricut cut the tiny pieces. It was definately time for a new blade and mat.

 Here is the final project. Nana was thrilled with the gift. She proudly displays it in her livingroom.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll have another project to share with you soon. Have a blessed day.


  1. Hello. Glad found your blog. Beautiful hummingbird. Great cards, thanks for sharing.


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