Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Awards

I am humbled by the lovely ladies who have fabulous blogs and enjoy my blog enough to award me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Within the last week I have received this award from Kim @ Snippets of Life, Missy @ Quick Chick Designs, and Emily at Cool Cricut Creations. The guidelines are to:

  1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

  2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

  3. Reward this to 15 bloggers.

The seven things about myself (that I am willing to put in print ;0)

  1. I like to sing and dance while cleaning the kitchen.

  2. My favorite season is fall especially here in the mountains with the beautiful leaves.

  3. I play fantasy football - The Blue Ridge Cookers ROCK!

  4. I teach high school math and yes I am a geek Ha...ha...

  5. I prefer my apple pie warm with vanilla ice cream.

  6. I'll watch the movie Where the Heart Is whenever I catch it on TV.

  7. My husband is my best friend.

Now I need to find 15 bloggers to pass on this award. This will be a work in progress. I will add over the next week and strive to complete the list soon. I know just where to start. I've visited so many new sites through the linking party Momo arranged. If you haven't checked it out I strongly recommend visiting her. Again, ladies thank you so much.

I was also granted an award from Ruby @ Handcrafted Simply By Us. For this award I need to add another thing about me to the list. So I will admit that the 8th thing is I am a procrastinator. See I even waited until the last item to reveal this piece of information about me. Actually I start out quite well with with projects but always find myself finishing at the last moment.

I will find 8 bloggers to pass the award to and post them as I go. (I'll try not to procrastinate too long. HA HA!) Lastly, Lisa @ LMD Stampin has awarded me The Thing of Beauty Award. I think the above guidelines covers this award as well. I am suppose to tell 5 things about me and I have given 8; however, one of those things is suppose to be why I like crafting. Well, I like crafting because it is relaxing. I really do feel that it is a retreat for me. Thus the name of my blog. It brings me joy and I share that with others. I am to list 5 blogs to pass the award to. So let's see, 15 for Versatile Blogger, 8 for Stylish Blogger, and 5 for this award. That's 28 blogs (if I did my math right Hee hee). I alos need to link this award to the creator at gracenotes4today. I will make this a link on the image of the award on the sidebar.

I think this covers all of the awards. Again, thanks to all the ladies who have shared this with me. Have a blessed day!

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