Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shaped Notecards

Although I may be tired of snow and it looks as though there may be some coming in this next week I couldn't help by try some of these shaped notecards. I was inspired by Jin Yong at Under a Cherry Tree . She has wonderful ideas and great video tutorials. I encourage you to check out her blog... WONDERFUL! Inspired by her work I went and checked out Lettering Delights. Wow! I love the low prices and the images... so much cheaper than cartridges and more versatile too.

Now to the cards. I used the Eskimo Kisses from Lettering Delights and the Make the Cut program for the snowbear and the penguin. Using the shadow feature I welded two shadows together to form the base card then cut the layers. Be cautious when creating the welded card for the snowbear. I made the mistake of mirroring the image wrong and when cut and folded the arms didn't match. Oh well, live and learn. Later I used the Create a Critter cartridge with my Gypsy and made the elephant. I thought he would be cute for quick Valentine notes.
These were fun and easy to make. I look forward to making more to have on hand for a variety of occasions. Have a great day and stay warm :)

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  1. Love these cards, just saw them on the MTC site. My son was born in Asheville. We loved the mtns there and miss it. Now live in NW Arkansas (lots of snow here too!)


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