Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year. Yeah.... I know {sigh}... I haven't posted anything since my October Halloween treats. I wonder if I even have anyone who looks at my crafty ramblings anymore. I promise have made some treats since then. There were candy bar treat boxes for Thanksgiving and Fisher and I made some turkeys out of trail mix and pipe cleaners. For Christmas I made a variety of treats. I have over 40 teachers that I work with and I had each of them a little crafty gift. I even have pictures of some of the creations. But now that the holidays are over I'm not sure sharing them at this point would be proper blog etiquette. Maybe I'll write them and schedule them for next year {can you schedule posts that far away????} or maybe I'll just pin them on Pinterest.

Anyway, I welcome anyone who takes a glimpse at what I've worked on tonight. It's been relaxing and a much needed activity. {Today has brought me very sad news and crafting is real therapy for me.} I saw these "ready to bake" sugar cookies at the grocery store on sell for $0.99 for 2 dozen. I snatched up three boxes with this New Year's treat in mind.
I created a simple print and cut using the Silhouette Designer Software (but you could easily do it without designer.) Thanks to a quick Google search I found an easy tutorial here on how to get my words to wrap.
 I even have enough cookies left over to send to Fisher's class tomorrow. Isn't the snowman cute?
I really enjoy making treats for others. It is great to surprise someone with a "thinking of you" gift. Well, I suppose that is enough for tonight. Have a blessed day!

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